4 Dance Recital Preparation Tips

4 Dance Recital Preparation Tips

Dance recitals are something we love doing here at Dance Workshop in Pittsburgh. We believe it's great to have a goal to shoot for, and our dancers love the prep work involved. Plus, the final result of all your hard work makes dance recitals incredibly worth it. That being said, there's a lot that goes into dance recital preparation. Below, we'll offer up four tips on how to prepare for your next dance recital. Check out our kids' and adult dance classes online, and enroll today!

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The key to a successful dance recital is practice. The adage "practice makes perfect" is most definitely true for dance. While practicing during your dance classes is great, so you can get immediate instructor feedback, most likely you'll have to practice a bit at home in order to nail your recital performance. You'll also want to prioritize all the recital rehearsals, too.

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Prepare For the Day

Preparation is super important as your dance recital gets closer. You'll want to ensure your dance recital outfit is clean and fits well. Decide on your hair, makeup, and nail polish ahead of time. Make sure you have your tickets, food, drinks, and everything ready for the big day. Know your performance time, too.

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Bring Extras of Everything

It's always best to be safe rather than sorry, so you'll want to ensure you have extras of everything in case you lose something. Pack extra hair ribbons and ties, bobby pins, makeup, band aids, tights, and more. Plus, you'll want to ensure you have enough energy, so pack extra water and healthy snacks for the big day.

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Try Not to Get Nervous

This can be tough, especially if this is your first recital. However, Dance Workshop advises that you try not to get nervous, and instead just enjoy the show. Plus, for most people, as soon as you step onto the stage, all of your butterflies go away and your hard work and preparation take over. You'll shine like the star that you are!


Dance Workshop offers wonderful kids' and adult dance lessons in all styles that you'll love. With experienced, caring instructors who all have a passion for dance, you're sure to benefit, grow in your dance skills, and have fun. We offer dance classes that suit your schedule, as well as adult dance fitness classes, so you can get your sweat in. And, our recital preparation time is an exciting time to be in the dance studio, striving to nail your performance with every practice session

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