5 Health Benefits of Dancing

5 Health Benefits of Dancing

Dance is a beautiful way to express yourself, and here at Dance Workshop in Pittsburgh, we offer a wide variety of dance classes for both kids and adults to express themselves. From Ballet and Pointe to Tap and Jazz, we offer something for everyone! Below, we'll go over another added bonus to dance classes: health benefits! Keep reading, and contact us to learn more today!

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Helps Improve Your Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular health is extremely important in your overall health and wellness. A healthy heart is able to function more efficiently, pushing out more blood with each beat. This results in a lower blood pressure and improved blood flow. Here at Dance Workshop, our dance classes will definitely get your heart rate up, and our adult fitness dance classes are specially designed for cardiovascular responses. Enroll today!

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Helps Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is super important, especially as you age. When your muscles, ligaments, and tendons are flexible and able to have full range of motion, you'll move easier and you'll be less susceptible to injuries caused by a lack of mobility. Dance classes for both kids and adults will help improve your flexibility because the movements inherently have you stretching and reaching.

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Helps With Weight Loss

Since dancing is a cardiovascular activity, dancing can help you lose weight. When your heart rate increases, you burn more calories, and as you become more fit, your metabolic rate will increase, which is the rate you burn calories at rest. Thus, the more you dance, the more fit you become! Check out all of our kids' and adult dance classes today!

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Helps With Bone Health

Bone health is crucial as you age in order to avoid osteoporosis and ensure when you stumble, you don't break a bone. Dance is great for bone health because it's a weight-bearing activity that helps to strengthen bone density. Thus, any time you fly through the air, jump, or pirouette, you'll be building bone strength. What could be better?

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Great for Your Mental Health

When you exercise, your body releases the feel good hormone, oxytocin. This hormone helps to relieve anxiety and stress. As you dance, you'll feel good about yourself and your abilities and start to notice an improvement in your psychological well-being, too. For the older crowd, dance routines and moves that you have to memorize can help prevent memory loss, too.


In sum, there's so many health benefits to dancing that we believe everyone should try a class to discover if they like it or not. We offer so many options for you to choose from that you're sure to find one you like. Our experienced dance instructors are here to answer your questions and get you started. Call our local dance studio for enrollment information for kids' and adult dance classes today!

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