Why Dance Workshop is the Best Dance Studio in Pittsburgh

Why Dance Workshop is the Best Dance Studio in Pittsburgh

There is so much beauty in dance. It's a truly unique form of art in the fact that it's fluid, constantly in motion, and interpretive, meaning it can be different each time. Dance Workshop is a Pittsburgh-area dance studio that offers a variety of classes for all ages. Below, we'll go over some of the many reasons why Dance Workshop is the best dance studio in Pittsburgh. Get in touch today!


More Than 30 Years in Business

Dance Workshop has more than 30 years in business! We are very proud of the fact that multiple generations have chosen our local dance studio as a place to learn about dance and about life. Our instructors are continuous learners, regularly attending workshops and taking classes in order to better perfect their craft and bring the latest dance instruction techniques to the studio.


Talented Teachers

The staff at Dance Workshop are some of the most talented dancers and instructors in Pennsylvania! Most of our instructors have been with us for over a decade, bringing their passion for the world of dance and teaching it to others to their dance classroom day-in and day-out. They love teaching others how to move their bodies and express themselves in fun and beautiful ways.


Variety of Dance Classes

As mentioned before, our local dance studio offers a variety of classes for all ages. From preschoolers and up, we offer introductory classes, such as Ballet and Jazz, as well as more advanced and specialized dances classes, such as Pointe, Acro, Lyrical, and more. We also have a performance group called the "Shining Stars," which is a dance group of students from ages six to 17.


Community Focused

Here at the Dance Workshop in Pittsburgh, we provide the best dance education, while teaching our students how to use their many talents to benefit their community. Our philosophy of Dancing for a Difference allows us to participate in fundraisers in support of local organizations, such as Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes, The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society.

If you are looking for a great, community- and family-oriented local dance studio for your child, consider Dance Workshop located in Pittsburgh. Dance has so many benefits, such as being great for exercise, helping with coordination and flexibility, and meeting friends. Our dance instructors are passionate about their craft, and they make every class fun, yet instructive, helping each child wherever they are at. Those who want to take dance to the next level have a great home here, too, with our more competitive offerings.

To learn more about our kids' dance classes and more, reach out to us today!